Take Control with Aluna

“Chronic lung conditions cause unwelcome disruptions in our day-to-day. Aluna’s home-based spirometer was designed by people with asthma to help keep frustration and alarming surprises at bay.”  

Lung function can change constantly based on environmental causes, exercise routines, medication usage, illness, and more.  Aluna’s home-based spirometer is an extraordinarily innovative device used to connect physician and patient outside of the clinic. This tool will provide continuous and accurate insight into the health of your lungs allowing us to provide better care, reducing clinic and hospital visits. The more often information is logged, the more comprehensive your care.

This device is NOT just used for Asthma but for many other lung conditions. Contact us today to learn more. 

Take control of your lung health today, contact West Coast Lung to get your Aluna home-based spirometer today. (949) 274-8030.