Pulmonary & Lung Clinic Reviews in Newport Beach & Foothill Ranch, CA

See What Our Patients Have to Say About Their Experience at West Coast Lung

With over 7,500 patients helped since 2015, we have received numerous pulmonary and lung clinic reviews in Newport Beach and Foothill Ranch, CA, praising our friendly atmosphere, compassionate doctor, and state-of-the-art pulmonology care. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences at West Coast Lung.

“Dr. Rutland and his staff are wonderful. They got me in very quickly and Doc was very smart and up-to-date. He listened to me with an open mind and was always available when I had a question. After trying a number of doctors, I will 100% stick with him.”

– KC

“We’ve never experienced a doctor like Dr. Rutland! What a difference he was compared to the ones we had seen before. He actually wanted to understand the situation my father was going through, not just by his scans or what the most “common” diagnosis was. Dr. Rutland made sure my dad had a chance to talk about his concerns and address each one. I wish there were more doctors out there that had such a passion and desire to sincerely help patients.”

– Linda B.

“I went to Dr. Rutland before I was officially diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to my brain. He agreed to see me and less than a week later operated on me to reduce fluid in my lungs, told me my situation was serious and set up an appointment with my current oncologist. She informed me cancer had spread to my brain and I needed immediate radiation treatment. Dr. Rutland remained involved and was very compassionate about my situation. It is now 7 months later and the brain tumors are gone and my lung cancer is in remission. Had Dr. Rutland not gotten immediately involved I would most likely not be around to be doing this review. I can tell you Dr. Rutland is one of the most caring doctors I have ever experienced. If you are looking for a top notch, caring, compassionate professional you are at the right place.​”

– Dennis J.

As one of the premier pulmonology practices in Newport Beach & Foothill Ranch, CA, our pulmonologist and team at West Coast Lung also provide 5-star pulmonology care to patients from Portola Hills, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Lake Forest & Mission Viejo, CA & the surrounding areas.